Cheeky String Bikini in Metal Grey by The Hessian Collection

Girl boss Alexandra Marie Hackett!

October 22, 2018

Who is Alexandra Marie Hackett?

Alexandra Marie Hackett is a talented interior designer living in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. She grew up in Coffs Harbour, a small coastal town, and moved to Sydney city in 2008 to pursue her studies and forge a career in interior design, decoration and styling.

With over 8 years of interior design industry experience under her belt, she has finally taken the leap of faith with her career to concentrate on creating her own opportunities!

Apart from being creative, Alexandra is also an athlete and enjoys an active healthy lifestyle. She loves setting new challenges for herself to keep things interesting and remain focused. She loves keeping herself busy 24/7!

Little metal grey string bikini by The Hessian Collection


"Life is short, so live it now and be the change you want to be. Too many people hide behind their own excuses out of fear of failing, but what they don’t realise, is that we never fail, we only learn along the journey and ultimately make better choices as we go!
We are all capable of achieving what we set our mind too, you just have to be passionate enough to understand that results will come with time, resilience, patience, discipline, sacrifice and hard work."​

 Little grey cheeky bikini by The Hessian Collection - The Monte Carlo String

The Four Burner Theory

Alexandra likes to reflect on The Four Burner Theory when discussing the importance of balance:

"Imagine your life as a four-burner stove where each burner represents friends, family, health and work. It’s been said that if you want to be successful, you have to turn off at least one of your burners. And if you want to be super-successful. You need to turn off at least two."​

"Think long and hard because the grind of any goal you set yourself comes with obstacles and don’t kid yourself the journey won’t always be easy to get there, it’s those that are the strongest that are the percentage of people that reach the top!"​

The Monte Carlo String by The Hessian Collection - Cheeky Metal Grey String Bikini

Snacking with Alexandra

This blonde bombshell obviously works incredibly hard for her amazing figure, but like everyone else, she loves a cheeky treat once and while. Like many of us, chocolate is her weakness. However, since preparing for her first Natural Body Building Competition over the past year, her perception of foods and portion sizes has changed. This year her cravings for chocolate have reduced and she's replaced them with tasty egg white pancakes!​Ingredients:

  • 237ml of egg whites (Cooked on a non-stick fry pan, then placed in the oven to cook the top)
  • Topping:
    1 banana
    30g ricotta 
    20g peanut butter
    5g honey
    Sprinkle of cinnamon
    (Occasionally I will also add 60g of strawberries, pending if they are on sale!)

"I don’t think I could now polish off a block of chocolate as I used too! Now my metabolism is changing, it’s important I eat with moderation, or be prepared to face the consequence of making poor food choices."​

The Monte Carlo String by The Hessian Collection - Cheeky Metal Grey String Bikini

Working out with Alexandra

Alexandra is currently following a 12-week program with strength performance goals as her target. She selects two exercises she wants to improve on and focuses on them during her weight training and cardio sessions. At present, she wants to be strong with her chin ups and push ups, so her program has been tailored to support these movements. Her program also includes rest and rep exercises as well as metabolic conditioning to keep her calorie burn high.  A snapshot of 1 day’s work out looks like the below:

Back & Shoulders Day:

Strength-focused exercises

  1.  Barbell Deadlift, conventional, 6-8 reps 5 sets
    120-sec rest 
  2. Lat pulldown, mid neutral grip, 6-8 reps 5 sets,
Conditioning exercise:
  1. Arnold DB press, unsupported ,10-12 rep
    60-sec rest
  2. Seated row, close grip, 10-12 reps
    60-sec rest
  3. Omni raise, 10-12 reps
    60-sec rest
  4. Single arm cable rear dealt fly, 10-12 reps
    60-sec rest

"If you want to receive the best results from training, the hard work will be your nutrition. If you don’t have consistency with your nutrition, you’re not going to see the results from your training regime."​ 

"I fell in love with the Monte Carlo swimwear bottoms and top, they actually, complimented my body shape and gave the illusion that I am curvier then I appear."

 The Monte Carlo String by The Hessian Collection - Cheeky Metal Grey String Bikini

Featured Bikini - Monte Carlo String/ Metal

Lyndon Marceau Photography @Marceauphotography

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