5 tip for achieving a flat stomach with Sophie Tilley

5 tip for achieving a flat stomach with Sophie Tilley

April 13, 2019

Meet Sophie Tilley, she's an almond milk mocha lover who enjoys beach walks and keeping fit and active. She's originally from the UK but has been in Australia for 5 years and feels so lucky to call this beautiful country home. Sophie works in recruitment with a tasty little cake business called Tilley's Treats as her side hustle. 

Over the last year Sophie has really become involved  with her fitness. At the the start of the year she set herself a goal to step on stage for the first time and compete in ANB Bikini Modelling competition . Last weekend she achieved her goal and placed an incredible 2nd in both bikini and swimsuit international. We're so proud of her!  

Los Angeles String in Hot Pink by The Hessian Collection - A Cheeky Hot Bikini String Bikini

As someone who is still fairly new to the fitness industry, Sophie has showed us how with determination and clear goals, you can achieve anything! In awe of her amazing figure, we thought it was only fitting asking her how she achieved it.

So let's get to the question we've all been waiting for... HOW DID YOU GET SUCH A LEAN STOMACH?


1. Regular Training & Clean Eating   

"I currently train 5-6 days a week and eat a very healthy, clean diet with little to no processed food. My amazing coach Kyl Raggio tailors my work out for me each week and I simply follow his instructions."

2. Know Your Goals

Having clear goals holds you accountable for achieving them

Sophie's Goals are:

  • Mixing both weights and cardio exercises into her workouts 
  • Knowing her daily steps and making a conscious effort to reach them
  • Eating in calorie deficit (seek an experts opinion help on this if you are unsure)
  • Staying hydrated
  • Limiting her sugar and alcohol intake 

3. Get To Know Your Body

"I tend to stay away from foods that I know aggravate my gut , which for me is dairy. I also currently take Nutra-Life Gut Health which helps boost levels of friendly bacteria in my digestive system."

4. Mixing It Up

"Doing 3000 crunches everyday isn’t going to help you achieve a flat stomach you need to a variety of exercises to help achieve this, for example  Russian twists, planks, side planks and full body exercises like squat presses and deadlifts. You need to work the whole of your body for the best results, unfortunately we cannot spot reduce just our stomachs."

5. Staying Focused

"Unfortunately results don’t come over night but believe me when you start seeing results all that hard work is totally worth it."

 Monte Carlo String in Rust by The Hessian Collection - A Cheeky Orange String Bikini

"As soon as I saw the Monte Carlo String I fell in love immediately. Not only does it fit like a dream the Rust colour is to die for! Highly recommend you getting your hands on this piece before they sell."


Bikini Featured - Monte Carlo String/ Rust, Los Angeles String/ Hot Pink, Vegas String/ Midnight

Sophie's Instagram: @Sophie_tilley

Photographer: Lyndon Marceau - @Marceauphotography

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