Husskie Magazine || Bianca & Yasmin Wilshin: Bikinis, twinning and Insti

Husskie Magazine || Bianca & Yasmin Wilshin: Bikinis, twinning and Insti

December 24, 2018 1 Comment

What do you get when you mix a unique blend of design creativity, striking twins and a strong Instagram presence? Answer –social media savvy twins Bianca and Yasmin Wilshin‘s burgeoning swimwear brand The Hessian Collection.

Utilising their university degrees and dabbling in modelling, these Sydney Northern Beaches girls have created the perfect storm for a swimwear empire. Drawing inspiration from the colours and designs of cities worldwide, the globetrotters have developed a line that has you fast plotting your summer escape.

Here we chat to founder Bianca about the collection’s journey – from unintentional beginnings to big future plans…

 Husskie Magazine || Bianca & Yasmin Wilshin: Bikinis, twinning and Insti


When did you launch the brand?
The brand was officially launched as a SoleTrader 12th May 2016.


How did The Hessian Collection originate and what inspired you to start the brand?
Growing up with such a creative mum has always sparked my innovation. The Hessian Collection unintentionally originated after a trip to Bali a few years back, however, design and creativity is something that I had always wanted to pursue. I designed and created a few bikinis for myself, people got interested and wanted them for themselves… and The Hessian Collection was born!


How do you come up with the designs for your brand and what can we expect to see from your collection with summer coming up?
I love to travel and explore with my twin sister, Yasmin. When we visit different parts of the world, we get creative. My muse for each bikini and their designs and colours are unique to the country, city or location that has inspired us on our travels. As a local Northern Beaches girl, I like to bring a little piece of the world back home every time I travel. The Berlin Bikini and Hvar String is inspired by our last European trip!

How does your collection differ from others on the market?
With our bikinis, you really have to try them on to completely appreciate them. Our minimal cuts and stylish designs – combined with their supportive structure – shape the female figure perfectly. Not many people realise how supportive a tiny little bikini can be until they try one of ours.


You both do a lot of modelling for the collection – how did your modelling come about?
The modelling definitely became more frequent when the label was established. The initial idea was to save costs, however, the twin photoshoots have become a unique marketing technique for the business. 


So you run the business and model for the collection, has this become a full-time job for you both?
Aside from each of our university degrees, The Hessian Collection has become a full-time job for both of us!

 Husskie Magazine || Bianca & Yasmin Wilshin: Bikinis, twinning and Insti


Do you find being twins helps you manage the business?
Although technically the business is mine (Bianca), we both manage it together. Having each other has definitely helped grow the business. It’s amazing having someone with the same mindset and morals to bounce ideas off. 


Who takes over the different aspects of the business?
Yasmin’s business/finance degree and my business/marketing degree has definitely contributed towards different sections of the business. However, we are both creative and therefore share most roles.


You both have a large following on Instagram, do you find this helps you to grow the brand?
Yes, both of our personal Instagram following has definitely assisted with initial exposure and increased brand awareness to The Hessian Collection. Although, it’s our timeless designs, flattering cuts and high quality that maintain our loyal supporters!


Where do you see The Hessian Collection in five years’ time?
In 5 years’ time, The Hessian Collection will be bigger and better than ever! March next year I will be officially qualified from UTS with a Business degree majoring in Marketing and sub-majoring in Management. I can’t wait to finally apply my knowledge and dedicate my entire attention and time towards The Hessian Collection. 


We have some amazing things planned for the business over the next few years. Starting with an America trip in April for some new inspiration!

Husskie Magazine || Bianca & Yasmin Wilshin: Bikinis, twinning and Insti

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