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It all starts in the gut! Eight things you MUST do to improve your gut

June 06, 2019

The gorgeous Jazmin Leary is here to share her tips on how to improve digestion. Take it away Jaz...

The Hessian Collection | Cheeky Swimwear - The Palm Springs String

Our gut is absolutely central to health and overall wellbeing.

The term gut basically refers to digestion. Digestion is important for breaking down food into nutrients, which the body uses and absorbs for energy, growth, and cell repair. Food and liquid must be changed into smaller molecules of nutrients before the blood absorbs them and carries them to cells throughout the body.

Struggling with digestion is the worst. Symptoms of digestive stress include bloating, gas, constipation, fatigue, bad skin... low libido, etc

👉Fortunately, these can be reduced by a few minor lifestyle modifications:

🏃‍♀️ Consistent exercise will help food move through your body and keep you regular. Mix it up with weights, cardio, and steps.

💧Keep hydrated! Opt for 3L per day. Drink AROUND food - Drink 20 mins before and 20 mins after. Water dilutes gastric juices that are vital for the break down of food and nutrients. Water aids digestion and flushes waste from the intestine.

🥙🍠 Eat real food with limited distraction! Eat foods in their most natural form (whole foods). Eat slowly and enjoy meal times. This will allow you to properly break down your food and acknowledge when you are approaching fullness.

🌾🥛Gluten and dairy are usually huge culprits. Try an elimination diet by cutting them out for a week or two and see how good your body feels. You will be surprised. Your body will love you for it❤️

🥦🍏Consume fiber, probiotic-rich, and fermented foods! Fiber boosts good bacteria and aids digestions. Add Dark Leafy Greens at every meal. Greens are anti-inflammatory.

🧘‍♀️ DE-STRESS. Our gut and the digestive system basically freeze when we are stressed – Be aware of how stressed you are and how frequent. Learn to control it and be sure to have some downtime.

💊 Supplements are not quick fixes but they can aid in helping you repair your gut and improve digestion. I recommend L-glutamine and probiotics but it’s best to chat with someone as we are all different. @doctorearthbj 

The Hessian Collection | Cheeky Swimwear - The Palm Springs String

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