The Hessian Collection | The Monte Carlo String in Rust - Cheeky String Bikini

Loving your body with Jessica Johnson

February 02, 2018

I have always been a very sporty girl however I have gone through stages where I have been a couch potato but I think it’s so important to love your body.

I find that I feel most happy and healthy when I’m going to the gym and living an active lifestyle.

It makes me feel really good about myself when I’m learning something new, improving my fitness and just getting out of the house.

Jessica's mantra: look good, feel good 

The Hessian Collection | The Monte Carlo String in Rust - Cheeky String Bikini

How to maintain a balanced lifestyle 

Jessica lives by the "80% healthy 20% treat approach" in order to maintain her 'balanced' lifestyle. She believes in gradual changes and everything in moderation. 

"if you enjoy chocolate and wine that’s okay but everything in moderation"

The Hessian Collection | The Hvar String in Rust - Cheeky Grey Ribbed String Bikini

How Jessica stays motivated

Jessica's motivation derives from her followers, family, and friends, particularly her sister! 

"it's important to not strive for perfection but for growth and to learn from others 

A lot of women tend to feel inadequate when they see someone succeeding and looking incredible, but the best advice I can give anyone is that we are all little wildflowers beautiful in our own way."

 The Hessian Collection | The Monte Carlo String in Rust - Cheeky String Bikini

Abs, butt & thighs workout tips: 

 ABS: Jessica enjoys yoga and pilates to improve her core muscles. She doesn't dedicate exercises to abs but focuses on her core being activated throughout her workouts.

BUTT & THIGHS: Lift heavy to grow your glutes and hamstrings. Jessica lives by really focusing on glute squeezing when performing leg workouts as this technique gives you more results than all squats.


"Wearing the swimsuits during the shoot made me feel so beautiful and confident as they are very luxurious and perfectly cut."

The Hessian Collection | Hvar String - Cheeky String Grey Ribbed Bikini

Featured swimsuits: Monte Carlo String/ Rust & Hvar String

Photographer: Lyndon Marceau - @marceauphotography

Instagram handle: @Jessjohnsonfitness

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