Meet Sophia Hatzis, self confessed #HessianObsession!

Meet the passionate & ambitious Scorpio Sophia Hatzis

October 14, 2018

Meet Sophia Hatzis, self confessed #HessianObsession!

'I'm a Scorpio and I think I fit it to the tee' 

 'I'm an extremely passionate and determined person and I think that is reflected in everything I do. I read that Scorpio is a water sign which means we live to experience and express emotions. That is some. I feel things very deeply. I always have. I love HARD and that can get me hurt sometimes, in the past that's certainly been the case.'

'Scorpios also hate dishonesty which is definitely me! The quality I value most in people is honesty and it takes me a long time to rebuild trust in someone when they trick or manipulate me. Again, I feel things very deeply!'

Meet Sophia Hatzis, self confessed #HessianObsession!

As a sport and fitness lover, Sophia Hatzis has a strict workout routine

'I'm in the gym every week doing strength based sessions (deadlifts, squats, hip thrusts and also some upper body work).' 

'I'll have a training session for rugby once or twice a week.' 

When asked to comment on her diet, Sophia states: 'In terms of diet, I'm eating all the time! Like 6 or 7 times a day.  I try to make sure that my diet is mostly "everyday" foods with some "sometimes" foods and I go out to dinner at least once a week.'

'I don't like calling foods "good" or "bad" because I believe every type of food has a purpose and linking negative emotions to food isn't healthy.  It's really important for me to have balance, though. '

 Meet Sophia Hatzis, self confessed #HessianObsession!

Sophia voices her break down story on her very own blog 'The Beauty Breakdown'

'I first started my blog The Beauty Breakdown about two years ago when I first started my recovery from an eating disorder.'

'I realised, when I started recovery, that the real stories about the hardships of mental illness were missing on the internet and social media.' 

'I wanted to use my voice to break that silence and sharing my story has been the most incredible learning experience. I've been able to heal myself and help others in the process and that's something I'm very proud of.'

 Sophia beauty tip - 'Keep it simple and let that natural beauty come through.'


Meet Sophia Hatzis, self confessed #HessianObsession!

'I wish I had all the swimsuits in every style and every colour. But if I had to pick a favourite it would have to the new Florence sets. I cannot WAIT to get my hands on those in Plum or Champagne.'


Featured swimsuit: Monte Carlo String in Rust

Photographer: Lyndon Marceau - @marceauphotography

Instagram handle: @sophiahatzo

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