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REAL TALK: How a food lover travelled Europe & came home with more baggage then she left with. Katie teaches us you can always get back on track!

November 21, 2019 2 Comments

Meet Katie Guyatt

Being a personal trainer I’m in the gym all day most days so my energy output is pretty high compared to most. My long term goal at the moment is to compete at IFBB in the bikini division in October next year, so at the moment, being in off season my trainings all about GROWTH. Building up my glutes, hamstrings, upper back and shoulders to create the X shape that the judges look for on the day. I ride my bike the 15 minutes to and from Surry hills everyday to get my body moving before my first client, I also don’t like public transport much and who wouldn’t want to be able to eat a bit more due to the extra output! I also do my strength training 5 days a week which consists of 3 leg focused days and 2 upper body days. My gym, Fitness Playground also offers Pilates and yoga so I try and get in to one of those a week to ground me a bit.

Being someone who struggles with a lot of gut and digestion issues but also LOVES food, I try and stay quite strict to a set plan during the week to avoid any unnecessary bloating. However, on the weekend I love to play around and make healthier versions of my favourite foods! After years of guessing why I get so bloated, I’ve recently found out that I’m intolerant to gluten, lactose and fructose so I’m slightly limited in the foods I eat but try and incorporate an 80/20 rule. 80% wholefood 20% soul food (with a bit of wine sprinkled in there to keep me sane)

I was always fit until I hit my late teens and travelled overseas where I piled on an extra 10kg of baggage not only physically but emotionally. Coming home a bigger, less confident, unhappy and lazy version of myself. Realising this and wanting to do something I threw myself into training. I became a cardio bunny at first. Eating very little and only focusing on the calories I was losing on the treadmill without having any real goals other than losing weight as quickly as I could. As a massive lover of food this soon took a downward spiral. Eating in a massive deficit during the week and ending up binging on the weekends then purging so that I wouldn’t put any weight on... not my proudest moment. But I’m grateful that I went through it because it’s formed the person I am today. Weights training has changed my life. As soon as I started lifting and had goals that weren’t always focusing on the weight on the scales I started eating smarter, training smarter and becoming a new strong, confident version of myself again. There are still days I look at the scales and get completely messed up in the head about it. But always remember, it’s just a number.

My biggest motivation would simply be the happiness that training brings me. I know it sounds corny but being healthy mentally and being able to move without restriction is one of the best feelings. I know what it is to lose that feeling and I never want to go without it again. For me, strong really is sexy. I also love a bit of healthy competition so having a gym buddy who’s around the same strength as me to train with always pushes me to go the extra mile (and not slack off for too long in the rests).

Invest in your health, get a trainer who understands your own personal needs or a nutritionist who can point out flaws in your diet. Don’t buy into fad diets. ANY movement is better than none though. So, if you really can’t afford one (I cost about the same price as the 4 cocktails you’d smash on a Friday night at the pav, and my online coaching is cheaper) start with increasing your energy output head into the gym and try a few classes with an instructor you like and monitor your calorie intake, track your food for a week then reduce that by 100 calories each day and see what happens. Remember, weights are your friend, not foe.

I absolutely love Archie & Wolf swimwear. They have styles that I can still go into the water with and not have to worry about hiking up my bottoms all the time or making sure I haven’t had a cheeky nip slip! So comfy and show off every curve in just the right way!


Bikini Featured - Miami String/ Neon Yellow

Katie's Instagram: @coachkatieguyatt 

Photographer: Lyndon Marceau - @Marceauphotography

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