Self care with Kelcy Meades

Self care with Kelcy Meades

February 17, 2020 4 Comments

Meet beautiful soul, Kelcy Meades! She thrives hugely from the outdoors, the sun and people with positive energy. She also loves her mental and physical self care routines which include meditation, yoga, motivational reading, skincare, the gym and walking her little Chihuahua bestie. We caught up with Kelcy to chat about all things self care.

"I definitely hold empowering women, inspiring motivation and helping in confidence at such a high priority within myself and the women in my life." - Kelcy Meades

Vegas String/ Midnight

Importance of routine 
For me personally, I find it easy to fall out of routine which results in me losing motivation and makes it that much harder to get on track. That's why it’s super important for me to maintain my routine to keep that motivation, as it keeps me feeling happier and fulfilled.

How to start the day off postive 
I start my days off with morning affirmations when I wake up which I have found so amazing. I couldn't recommend it enough! It puts me in such a great mindset for the day ahead. Try it, ladies!

The importance of sleeping properly and eating healthy
I love my sleep! Sleeping has always been a priority for me and luckily has always come easily. It definitely helps a lot with feeling fresh and rested which shows on your face and skin.
Eating properly and healthy however has to be a conscious effort for me as I have always struggled to put on weight and always need to strive to eat more. When I consciously monitor my intake I can definitely see the difference. It makes me feel good from the inside out.

Sticking to a routine
The evening before I will set goals for the next day in my mind, or sometimes if I have a bigger day ahead, I write a list and tick off as I go. Who doesn’t get a kick from doing that satisfying tick off your list!
With my daily skin routine and eating, it's all about getting into those habits with allocated times, especially in the morning before you leave the house and in the evening before you go to sleep with your skin.

Barcelona String/ Ivy

Skin tips!
I love coconut oil! I eat coconut oil and I lather my skin in it too!
Try exfoliating you’re whole body weekly and then moisturizing your skin daily if you can. Your skin will thank you for it.

Here's my easy and achievable skin routine:
- An antioxidant serum to help your skin repair itself.
- A natural skin moisturizer to soften.
- Exfoliating that dry skin away to get that fresh clean glow.
- Facial sunscreen. Keep that skin young!

Life advice 
Everyone is different so set realistic goals for yourself only.
Explore that healthy lifestyle and find what you love about it which will make it easier to pursue further!

Thanks for having me, Archie & Wolf.
Love what you beautiful ladies stand for.
Love Kelcy x

Vegas String/ Midnight  Vegas String/ Midnight  Vegas String/ MidnightVegas String/ Midnight Vegas String/ Midnight 

Bikini Featured - Vegas String/ Midnight & Barcelona String/ Ivy
Kelcy's Instagram: @kelcymeades
Photographer: Lyndon Marceau - @Marceauphotography

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April 10, 2020

your amazing!💖


April 09, 2020

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February 20, 2020

This is so cute beb, looking 🔥 xxx


February 18, 2020

Love this amazing girl! So pure & kind xx

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