When it comes to training, cardio isn’t enough!

When it comes to training, cardio isn’t enough!

December 12, 2019

Ladies, the weather is heating up which means bikini season is just around the corner! There’s already temptations of replacing gym sessions with beach walks. However, giving up resistance training could cause more damage than you think!

Why resistance train?

Resistance training is crucial to maintaining a proper fitness routine. Your muscles will waste away without it. Once you’ve hit your twenties, muscle loss increases rapidly unless you work to maintain or build it. if you don’t use it, you lose it.

Only a few weeks off resistance training can cause muscle loss (if you’ve ever broken a bone you would already know this!).

Benefits of resistance training include:

  • A physically sculpted beach bod preventing ‘skinny, fat’ syndrome: - a condition in which a person appears thin on the outside, but inside they are unhealthy and at risk of illness.
  • A stronger body means = lower chance of injuries
  • The increased bone density which helps with stability, improving balance and coordination
  • Improves endurance & increases energy - More muscle means you exert less energy
  • Building muscle means burning more calories - keeps you lean and mean!
  • Seamless lifestyles (lifting and moving things)
  • Prevents decay between your bones
  • Reduces blood pressure by making your heart strong
  • Increases metabolism and decreases blood sugar which prevents insulin resistance (the main cause of diabetes)
  • It creates 22% more after-burn than cardio.  (Afterburn refers to the fat and calories that your body burns in the hours after you have finished your workout.)
  • Reduces visceral fat - dangerous fat that forms around your organs

Still tempted to give up resistance training?

Cardio is not a replacement for resistance training. They are different exercises and provide different benefits. Cardio doesn’t stress your bones, muscles or tendons as resistance training does. To build muscle you need to stress your bones and tear your muscles so they can repair stronger. A run or walk isn’t strenuous enough. Also, If you’re losing weight through diet and cardio exercise but not resistance training, you are not only losing fat but also muscle.  Losing muscle will decrease your body's definition, shape and energy. It will also weaken your bones as they become lazy whilst not in use and you’re therefore prone to osteoporosis.

So babes, don’t give up your resistance training. 

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