A Day In The Life Of Sydney Model Emma Walker

A day in the life of Sydney model Emma Walker

April 26, 2018

Meet stunning Sydney model Emma Walker who was scouted in Sydney 3 years ago. Emma's priority is feeling healthy by maintaining a positive mindset and self-confidence. The horrible side effects of eating unhealthy and lacking exercise have encouraged her to drive to stay healthy. 

With a health-conscious mother, Emma was brought up with the knowledge of how foods can heal, nourish and protect your body and she has carried that through to adulthood. 

The Hessian Collection | Monte Carlo String in Rust - Cheeky String Bikini

Emma 4 tips to maintain her balanced lifestyle:

  1.  Everything in moderation. I listen to my body. If I am craving sugar I have it. But in a healthy form. I will have dark chocolate or some strawberries or dates rather than binge on anything else. Stay as natural as possible with your diet. Nothing processed.

  2. Exercise daily but rest when you need to. Try to enjoy the exercise you do, choose something you enjoy and stick to that and it will be easy!

  3. Watch your diet. I don’t drink fizzy high sugar drinks. And the only caffeine I have is the odd espresso martini!

  4. Know who your inspiration is and why. I aspire to Kayla Itnes, even though I don’t use her workouts I know she has her body from being fit and healthy and not starving herself...

The Hessian Collection | Monte Carlo String in Rust - Cheeky String Bikini

Emma's workout tips:

  1. Running. It’s an all rounder and it clears my mind. 
  2. Simple weights for arms
  3. Machines for bum (I hate squats!)
  4. I enjoy fast pace classes like HIIT Just 30 mins of hard work and it’s all over.
  5. I try to do yoga 2x a week as it clears my mind and stretches me out after long runs.

The Hessian Collection | Monte Carlo String in Rust - Cheeky String Bikini

"I love the Monte Carlo bronze colour against my skin... and how the rectangle backless shape can double up and be worn as a top!"

The Hessian Collection | Florence String in Plum - Cheeky String Bikini

 "The Florence string has to be my favourite as the fit is perfect for me. The material shines in the sun and gives you a glow! It stands out in a subtle way."


Featured swimsuits: The Monte Carlo/Rust & Florence String/ Plum

Photographer: Lyndon Marceau - @marceauphotography

Instagram handle: @emmacharlottew


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