baby pink string bikini by The Hessian Collection

The miracle athlete Sophie Allen

May 21, 2018 2 Comments

Sophie's Story

From intensive care with a punctured bowel to becoming a fitness icon, Sophie Allen is a true inspiration to all!

"I had routine surgery to check for endometriosis and the Doctor punctured my bowel. This resulted in emergency surgery, 1 month in intensive care, not being able to walk, eat or breathe properly, a super-infected body, lung surgery... to name a few things."

Little pink string bikini by The Hessian Collection

"I almost lost my life." 

Hvar String by The Hessian Collection - Cheeky Ribbed Grey Bikini

Feeling helpless in the hospital Sophie decided to make a commitment to herself to focus on health and strength. She got into fitness after recovery and is now extremely passionate about it. 

"Become educated around training and nutrition"

After Sophie started paying attention and learning all about training and nutrition, she was able to positively change her lifestyle. She is a strong advocate for balancing what you love, and what is good for you! 

"I love treating myself, but I also work hard in the gym and ensure I'm getting the right nutrients to fuel my body"

 little pink string bikini from The Hessian Collection

"Those around me are a constant source of motivation for me. My housemate Jenna and I are both competing in our first bikini show, so we keep each other accountable. I'm also really inspired and motivated by my community on Instagram, they're all real people, grinding it out, working on their best selves and living their best lives, I love sharing that with them!"

Hvar String by The Hessian Collection - Cheeky Ribbed Grey Bikini

"I've only just released my first Vlog with my top 13 tips for fat loss, this is an amazing platform for me to share my knowledge when it comes to health and fitness, and it gives people more of an insight into my day to day active life!"

Sophie's website encompasses some really interesting and informative blog posts. Aside from her site, she is also about to launch her online coaching with clients, which includes training and nutrition plans! 

"I am forever grateful for my amazing supportive community!" 

Little baby pink string bikini

Sophie's top workout tips and tricks

"Be consistent!So many times I've started working out and stopped (I got sick, Winter came and I lost my motivation), but consistency is the key to getting results!Also focussing on different types of training and breaking it down into phases i.e a fat loss phase with higher reps and lower sets for 4, 8 or even 12 weeks, followed by a phase of strength training i.e higher sets lower reps, getting as strong as you can.The body will adapt, so we need to keep it guessing to continue to see changes in our physique."

Hvar String by The Hessian Collection - Cheeky Ribbed Grey Bikini

"The swimsuits were super flattering and comfortable on! I took one of the sets to Thailand with me because I loved it so much.The scrunch bum gives the booty a really nice shape, I loved that detail."


Bikini Featured - St Tropez/Rosé &Hvar String

Kate's Instagram: @SophActiveLife

Lyndon Marceau Photography - @Marceauphotography

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