The Hvar String by The Hessian Collection

Olympic style amateur boxer Kaye Scott

June 01, 2018

Achievements, motivation, diet & more with girl boxer Kaye Scott

"Boxing was not a sport I learned or competed in during my youth. My first link with boxing was in my early 20’s; I was doing a “boxercise” type fitness class at my local gym to stay fit while studying at Uni. The class instructor was both a fighter and he spotted I had a talent and suggested that I start learning the actual sport."

The Hvar String by The Hessian Collection

"10 years later and I’m now a 2x Commonwealth Games athlete and have medaled at the Gold Coast Games and the World Championships." 

"Consistent hard work gives results. If you want something badly enough, you can make it happen. A plan and 100% commitment is needed to achieve it though."

 The Hvar String by The Hessian Collection

Kayes goals & motivation

Kaye concentrates on improving herself rather than worry about opponents. She also admires a lot of female athletes including Katie Taylor (boxing), Claressa Shields (boxing), Serena Williams and Tia-Clair Toomey (Crossfit/weightlifting). 

"My World Championship silver medal is my most prized boxing achievement. It's the first World Championship silver medal any boxer (male or female) in Australia won In 2016. I competed in the Women’s World Championships in Kazakhstan. I competed in 4 matches; qualifying into the final. Unfortunately, I lost against China in the final but I was so proud of my efforts." 

Kaye also earned a bronze medal in the 2018 Commonwealth Games women’s 69kg (welterweight) division!

What it takes to  achieve an amateur boxers physic

"My diet is mostly wholesome food produce; lean meats and lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. I try to steer away from as much processed foods as possible. I love sparkling water and hot cups of tea!!

Keep the diet simple for success! There’s nothing wrong with some “treat” type food but it needs to be in moderation!"

The Hvar String by The Hessian Collection

 "The Hessian collection swimwear is absolutely stunning. The cuts are flattering and the colors are amazing. I can’t wait for Summer to return so I can add to my collection. I always get so many positive compliments when I wear the brand."



Featured swimsuit:  The Hvar String 

Photographer: Lyndon Marceau - @Marceauphotography

Instagram handle: @kayescott

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