The Hessian Collection | St Tropez String/ Blueberry - Cheeky Little String Blue Bikini

Motivation & fitness with Bridgette Dirks

June 06, 2018

Bridgette strongly believes that living a positive and healthy lifestyle It’s incredibly fulfilling!

The Hessian Collection | St Tropez String/ Blueberry - Cheeky Little String Blue Bikini

"I find life so much more enjoyable when people are easy going and able to have fun. We all have to deal with a lot of negative, so embodying a happy and healthy way of living honestly makes the day feel so much lighter."

The Hessian Collection | St Tropez String/ Blueberry - Cheeky Little String Blue Bikini

"I love being able to know I’m living my life in the way that’s best for both my physical and mental health!"

Bridgette's Advice on taking the step to a healthier lifestyle: 

  1. Find what works for you, what makes you happy but also what challenges you. All too often I would have friends come to me after trying to adopt a “healthy lifestyle” saying that it was too hard and couldn’t do it. Most of these times they believed “being healthy” was adapting what they saw on Instagram or other media. It took me 3 years of mixing around with food and training to find what worked for me, and I’m still learning.
  2. Don’t think you can make a drastic change overnight, it takes time, but that’s all a part of the fun!"

The Hessian Collection | Hvar String - Grey Little Ribbed Bikini

How to stay motivated 

"I’ve looked up to a lot of names in the fitness industry as motivators since I began training. As someone that wants to compete in a bikini in the future, girls like Angelica Teixeira and Courtney King have definitely helped me stay motivated to my goal to one day get on stage. But I think my biggest motivation is seeing growth in myself.

I’ve come a long way from when I started training, both physically and mentally. Being able to realize I am able to push myself and conquer things that were once terrifying keeps me motivated to work hard."

The Hessian Collection | Hvar String - Grey Ribbed Cheeky Bikini

Bridgette's fitness tips

  1. Mixing and changing up your routine makes working out more fun!

    "My amazing coach Oscar Mairs writes up my program for each week. I love seeing what I’ve got in store, what new things I can do to challenge and push myself further."

  2. Find and know what you enjoy, but also taking the risk to try something new.

  3. A banging Spotify playlist and a perf gym outfit are also essentials.

    "There’s a thrill of pushing yourself to new limits and testing what your body is capable of."

The Hessian Collection | St Tropez String/ Blueberry - Cheeky String Blue BIkini

"I am obsessed with The Hessian Collection swimsuits, their designs, quality and colours had me so exciting to get my hands on a pair and try them on!"

 The Hvar String & St Tropez/Blueberry
Photographed by: Lyndon Marceau - @Marceauphotography
Instagram handle: @bridgettedirks


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